CRAYFIS Publications

The Theory

"Observing Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays with Smartphones"
D. Whiteson, M. Mulhearn, C. Shimmin, K. Cranmer, K. Brodie, and D. Burns (2015).
[arXiv] [DOI]

"Feasibility of Correlated Extensive Air Shower Detection with a Distributed Cosmic Ray Network"
E. Albin and D. Whiteson (2021).
[arXiv] [Pending publication]

The Detector

"Measurement of Smartphone Sensor Efficiency to Cosmic Ray Muons"
J. Swaney, M. Mulhearn, C. Pratt, C. Shimmin, and D. Whiteson (2021).
[arXiv] [Pending publication]

"Data Acquisition System for a Distributed Cosmic Ray Observatory"
J. Swaney, C. Shimmin, and D. Whiteson (2021).
[arXiv] [Pending publication]

"Simulated Response of Smartphone Sensors to Cosmic Ray Secondaries"
J. Swaney, M. Mulhearn, and D. Whiteson (2021).
[In prep.]

The Results

To be determined...