CRAYFIS Contact Information

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The CRAYFIS project is led by two spokespeople:

Prof. Daniel Whiteson, UC Irvine

Prof. Michael Mulhearn, UC Davis

The Collaboration, Past and Present

UC Irvine

Daniel Whiteson (PI)
Homer Strong
Jay Karimi
Kyle Brodie
Rob Porter
Eric Albin
Emma He
Jeff Swaney
Andy Nelson
Marcus Wong


Chase Shimmin (PI)
Alec Emser
Paul Han
Helena Olsen

UC Davis

Michael Mulhearn (PI)
Dustin Burns
Brandon Buonacarsi
Christian Pratt


Kyle Cranmer (PI)

Yandex School of Data Analysis

Andrey Ustyuzhanin (PI)
Nikita Kazeev
Maxim Borisyak


Jianrong Deng (PI)


Danielle Cranmer
Jodi Goddard